The Creative Journey

Dozentin: Keith Cunningham

Berlin - 10.10. bis 28.11.17 - 6 Abende
jeweils Di 19.00 bis 22.00 Uhr
Termine: 10.10., 17.10.,  
zwei Wochen Herbstferien, 07.11., 14.11., 21.11., 28.11.17
350,00 Euro
In English and German Language!


This 6-week creativity workshop focuses on the dynamics and dimensions of creativity as they relate to story development. We will work with ‘right-brain’ creativity, the problem-solving dimension, and also the ‘left-brain’ dimension of creativity that leads to entirely new approaches, paradigm shifts, and integral insights.

The creative process is harnessed to the tasks of story development from beginning to end, and yet also with some new perspectives and fresh twists. The advent of new media and platforms for dramatic storytelling means that writers have vast new possibilities for creative expression. Now, the challenge for writers is to find approaches that will lead them into this new territory while building their dramatic skills.

The Creative Journey is built on a carefully designed sequence of Internal Software creativity exercises that open the dramatic imagination. It also incorporates writing, character study, and story development in a systematic design framework. Each weekly session will comprise an adventure into the creative imagination carries the journey forward:

  • Dimensions of Creativity and Creative Encounter
  • Enhancing the Capacity for Creative Encounter
  • Seeds of Creation: the Origin and Future of Stories
  • Creativity and Productivity: the Art of Relevance
  • Story Design and Creative Decision Making
  • Opening Creative Spaces Within and Around You

Open up your creative resource as you never have before, together with other adventurers in the creative dimensions. Veteran writers and interested novices are all welcome. Presentations will be in English, writing in German or the language of your choice, and exercises and discussions will be in a mix of English and German.
By request you receive writing exercises for the autumn hollidays.

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Weitere Seminare Frühjahr/Sommer 2017

Seminare Abend

Berlin - 28.09. bis 30.11.17 - 8 Abende
Berlin - 28.09. bis 30.11.17 - 8 Abende
Berlin - 10.10. bis 28.11.17 - 6 Abende

Seminare Wochenende

Berlin - 09.09. und 10.09.17 - Wochenendseminar
Berlin - 23.09 und 24.09.17 - Wochenendseminar
Berlin - 14.10. und 15.10.17 - Wochenendseminar
Berlin - 11.11. und 12.11.17 - Wochenendseminar
Berlin - 25.11. und 26.11.17 - Wochenendseminar
Berlin - 09.12.17 und 10.12.17 - Wochenendseminar

Seminare Online

Online via Internet - 14.09. bis 10.12.17 - 3 Monate
Online via Internet - 14.09. bis 10.12.17 - 3 Monate
Online via Internet - 14.09. bis 10.12.17 - 3 Monate

Ort: Seminarraum der Master School Drehbuch
Zossener Str. 41, Lofthaus 2. Stock, 10961 Berlin
Bahn: Gneisenaustr. (U7), Mehringdamm (U6, U7)
Das Parken mit Autos/Mopeds/Motorrädern im Hof ist leider nicht möglich.